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Enjoying your life in halls

We want you to enjoy your time while studying at the University, and stay safe and responsible while you're living in our halls. University-managed accommodation guidance (such as the Halls Handbook) will encourage residents to make the most of their stay, and the Halls Team are here to help students overcome any issues that may arise.

Live chat

We offer live chat sessions every Monday – Friday between 14:00 and 16:00. Just message us on Instagram or Facebook to speak to one of our team!

The Residence Life programme

To help you settle in, we have put together an exclusive Residence Life events programme for students staying within University-managed halls! We provide a wide range of events, day trips, competitions and giveaways, and aim to cater to everyone's taste and hobbies. Previous events include sunset cruises, cinema nights, trips to the beach and local attractions, sporting events and much more! 

The ResLife events are a fantastic way for you to meet new people and to try new experiences - and best of all, they're free! All events are hosted by our friendly Halls Team, so be sure to check out our Residence Life events page or your exclusive halls of residence Facebook groups to find out more. 

Applicant FAQs

Why book University-managed Halls of Residence?

Our halls are provided in partnership with the University Partnerships Programme (UPP), the UK’s leading provider of on-campus residential and academic accommodation infrastructure. They provide and maintain the buildings while the University provides a range of support for you, including social events to create great communities, welfare support and 24/7 security to help to keep you safe. Our halls are located on campus, or within the nearby student village – only a few minutes’ walk from University facilities and city-centre amenities.
As a resident in our halls, you will sign a licence agreement directly with the University. Our friendly team provide information and advice prior to booking, and ongoing support during your time in our halls with seven-day-per-week on-site assistance from our Halls Team. As part of the University, the Accommodation Team has great relationships with other student services and departments, ensuring your needs can be met seamlessly. 
We also organise a ‘Residence Life’ programme of exclusive day trips, activities and competitions, as well as offering dedicated Facebook groups and other social media for residents so that you can start to meet your flatmates before you arrive and stay up to date with all our free social events.

When can I apply for accommodation?

The Accommodation Portal closes during Clearing. During this time, you can only secure your accommodation by calling our Clearing call centre: 0333 241 6929.
The Accommodation Portal opens for applications in early February and closes just before Results Day. If you have already confirmed us as your firm choice, you will receive an email notification once the Portal opens. 
Once the portal closes, you will then only be able to apply for accommodation through Clearing.

How do I select my hall preferences?

You can only secure your accommodation and hall preferences during Clearing by contacting our call centre on 0333 241 6929.

Am I guaranteed a room in halls if I'm a first year?

Yes! Please be aware that accommodation is first come, first served so availability may be limited. If a place in University-managed halls cannot be offered, we guarantee:
  • a room in ANUK-accredited private accommodation
  • or a room supplied by an alternative private provider (if you meet their terms and conditions).

Can I stay in halls all year round?

If you'd like to stay in Plymouth over the summer, a special student rate is available. The summer accommodation is en suite and is situated in a block reserved for summer accommodation residents only.

How do I find out moving day instructions for September?

At the end of August you will receive an email containing your move-in day date and time slot, your flat number, route maps, parking permits, and hotel information. If you have any questions once you've received that information, you can email the team at

Can another person discuss my account with Accommodation Services?

Yes, but you will need to give them third-party permission. 
During the application process, you will have the opportunity to add third-party permission contact details. Due to data protection, we can only talk to those listed as the third party contact in the accommodation application. 
Please note: giving someone third-party permissions is not the same as listing someone as your emergency contact; third-party permissions do not apply to emergency contacts. If you want to add someone as a third-party contact after you've made your application, you will need to do so in writing from the email address listed on your account, otherwise, we cannot discuss your details with them.

What if I am only studying during Semester Two? Can I still live in halls?

Students who are studying at the University of Plymouth for Semester Two can make an application on our Accommodation Portal. Room offers will be sent to students in December. You will be required to sign a licence agreement and pay the two weeks advanced rent payment within seven days.

The licence agreement will be for 24 weeks. You will pay the first 12 weeks' rent instalment in January, and the remaining 10 weeks' rent instalment in April.

Information will be emailed to students once you have paid your advance rent and signed the licence. You will also be able to join your secure hall Facebook groups to meet your new neighbours before you arrive!

Will my belongings be insured?

Insurance cover is provided in all University-managed accommodation by Endsleigh Insurance. You can view current insurance cover details on the Accommodation Resources page of our website.

When will accommodation offers be sent?

Accommodation offers will be released from the end of June. To secure your room, a payment of 2 weeks worth of advance rent is required and you will need to read, sign and return your licence agreement. Please note: only the student intending to live in the room can sign the Halls of Residence licence agreement.

I have disabilities or specific requirements - what support is available to me?

The University can provide support for students with disabilities and medical conditions. If you have applied by the deadline specified on our website, we will try and allocate a room that meets your requirements where possible. If you are a postgraduate or have specific requirements you may be interested in reading our accommodation advice about what support is available to you.

University-managed accommodation talk

We understand the importance of finding the right place to call home while studying at University. Watch our talk about University-managed accommodation, life in halls and all the services we have to offer our residents.

Skills you can develop before you move to university

 It’s likely that moving to university will be your first experience of living independently and while it can be a very exciting prospect, here are a few things to consider to make the step even easier:
  • How to budget for rent, food, shopping and social life.
  • Basic cooking, cleaning and laundry skills.
  • Social skills for living with new people.
  • Understanding responsibilities such as paying bills and signing important documents such as housing contracts.
  • Safety and personal security in a new city with new people.
  • Research all of the facilities at University of Plymouth before you arrive.
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